PRLog (Press Release) - Sep 29, 2012 -
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 For those who believe that Gold is over valued at $1,900, look at the graph on our website news page under "Current Gold Exposure".

Gold (according to my interpretation)
would have to rise at least 25 times from here just to catch up to the levels of the 1930’s. Maybe the analysts predicting $12,500 per ounce will be correct after all!

Gold is certainly not in a bubble when it is
very under owned by the public and institutions.  My initial objective is still $3,250 per troy ounce by 2015. First, gold must rise in 3 phases to $2,350, $2,950 and then $3,250.

This time do not expect the price of Gold to drop like it did after 1980 due to the general distrust of paper currencies. However, Gold will fluctuate based upon the amount of paper currency issued world-wide or on political matters. In prior periods, the Public and Institutions had invested up to 30% in Gold and Precious Metals. At the present time only under 2% is invested therein. There is room for investment in Gold and other precious metals to grow.

Ed Sheldon CPA
Sheldon’s Finest Coins

Gold and Silver at Low Prices       

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Shortages have Started! (Revised)
Reserve now to lock in inventory for purchase. When you are ready to fund your account, just call to lock in prices and delivery dates, at no additional cost.

Now the Royal Canadian Mint has just slowed down deliveries of Maple Leafs. Shortages now exist in 40% Silver Coins and 90% US Silver coins dated 1964 and prior. US silver Eagles and Canadian Silver Maple Leafs are shipping at reduced levels of volume.   We still have some available. Call us for your product needs before we run out.

January 17, 2012:(Revised)
Ok! The jig is up! Germany wants its gold back realizing physical gold may not exist!  Take delivery of your physical assets now!

I firmly believe that from the current price levels of gold and silver, we will move above the $1920 gold and $49 silver highs made earlier in 2011-2012 and successfully test $2000 gold and $50 silver by the end of 2013. My earlier 1st targets of $2,350 gold and $70 silver should be hit by the spring of 2013. Stay tuned and buy your gold and silver now from Sheldon's Finest Coins. Try our toll free # 1-888-786-5678 to place your orders while our
inventories are still available.

November 29, 2012:
Uncontrolled Inflation

What happened to the Silver Price during the 1920’s during Uncontrolled Inflation Silver Doctors believes that the visual illustration and historic reminder of uncontrolled inflation's impact upon commodities prices is especially relevant at present, given the looming parallels between the travails of 1920's Germany and the impact of repeated rounds of quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank.

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Are Bit-Coins for Real?

So the new rage is over a freely traded piece of junk without any kind of anchor at all. In fact it has no backing (implied or otherwise). What is it? It is 100% fiat currency made out of thin air and traded world-wide in a new kind of fad that makes no sense. The Bit-Coins is promising all kinds of gains, but beware…….. because it could come to a halt and collapse overnight! Anyone ever read “Extra Ordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds”? This will collapse in our time leaving holders of these completely broke with no assets to go after. Beware and get real assets and hold in your possession. Do not let brokers, dealers, banks hold your real assets; remember what happened with Cyprus bank accounts. Right now only those over $100,000 Euros were wiped out up to 60%, although “the powers that be” gave away their true intentions when they tried to get all depositors to bail-in the banks in trouble at first. In time, even those depositors under $100,000 Euros, may be called upon to save the banks again. The people that made the decisions, the IMF, BIS and EMU were all influenced by the US Federal Reserve so do not think that it cannot happen here. Beware of all paper!